Friday, 30 July 2010

abolish the ISA on 50th anniversary of its creation

Greetings from GMI. As we all know the 1st of August would be the 50 years of ISA. 
Besides the vigil and the several other program, GMI also invite all the civil society organizations whom against the detention without trial  to release a press statement before or on the 1st of August to protest against the use of ISA and to demand the government to abolish the ISA and all other detention without trial laws once and for all.

Hope the civil society organizations will participate in coming vigil which will be held on the 1st August, 8pm at several places like: 

Contact Person
Dataran MBPJ, Padang Timur (Opposite Amcorp Mall)
Nalini: 019 3758912
Speakers Square
Jing Cheng: 012 7583779
Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh
Dr. Kumar: 019 5616807
Dataran Zero KM, Sungai Petani
Simon Ooi : 012 4202264

Zaidi: 0123840415
Dataran Seremban
Veron: 016 6687900

The venue at Sibu, Kuching and Johor will be announce soon.

Please join us together to fight the ISA and all other detention without trial laws! Together We CAN Bring CHANGE!

 GMI Secretariat will update everyone from time to time regarding the venue of the Vigils in each state mentioned above. Please bear with us. For further info, please contact Miss Nalini at 019 3758912 or 03 77843525.

Released By,

GMI Secretariat and SUARAM Coordinator

Monday, 26 July 2010

fringe season 2

cast of fringe. season 2 with 23 episodes ended in the US. season 3 will begin in september.

here in malaysia, we are only watching the first few episodes of season 2 (every sunday night at 8.30pm). but the reb got the whole season 2 already and watching with his family 1 episode a night!!! hurray. no advertisement breaks, no censor, no 1 week waiting....

Sunday, 25 July 2010

passing of father lawrence boadt

boadt.jpgReading the Old Testament: An Introduction

father lawrence boadt, author of Reading the Old Testament, has died on saturday after a long battle with terminal cancer.
below is a write-up from the paulist press about father lawrence:

Born the son of attorneys Loren A. and Eleanor (Power) Boadt in 1942, Father Boadt grew up in the St. Paul the Apostle parish located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Paulist archivist Father John Lynch was newly ordained when he first met Father Boadt, then a fifth-grader in the parish school. Father Lynch recalls seeing the makings of a priest in the young altar server and Cub Scout. 

"He was dependable and enjoyed serving the church," Father Lynch said. He noted that Father Boadt kept his close association with St. Paul's as a student at Loyola High School in Los Angeles; he graduated from Loyola in 1960. Father Lynch was not surprised to hear the young man entered the Paulist novitiate on Sept. 6, 1962. He was ordained a Paulist priest on February 22, 1969. 

Father Boadt earned bachelor's and master's degrees from St. Paul's College Washington, D.C., master's and licentiate in sacred theology degrees from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and licentiate in sacred Scripture and doctoral degree in biblical studies and Near Eastern languages from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome. 

"That was extraordinary," observed Father Lynch. "Not many people can accomplish that, as the mastery of ancient languages is incredibly difficult. He was the type of priest who could do anything." 

Father Boadt's first priestly assignment was as associate pastor at St. Andrew's parish in Clemson, S.C., from February to October of 1969. Father Boadt then headed to Rome for advanced Scripture studies where he served on the parish staff at Santa Susanna, the Paulist parish in the city. 

Father Boadt returned to the United States to teach at Fordham University in New York City from 1974-76 while becoming an editor at the Paulist Press in 1975. He taught at St. John's University in Queens from 1975-76 while still working at Paulist Press. 

He returned to Washington, D.C., as associate professor of Sacred Scripture at the Washington Theological Union, where he taught from 1976-1997. 

"There was a program for working students where they took a 3-hour class once a week, and he could still keep the students engaged through that long class after they had worked all day," said Father Lynch, who taught at The Catholic University in Washington, D.C. for many years. "He was a superb teacher." 

Father Boadt continued as editor at the Paulist Press, becoming vice president in 1997. He had served as publisher and president of Paulist Press from 1998 until his illness in 2010. 

According to Father Lynch, Father Boadt continued the Paulist work of evangelization through the printed word while expanding the Press' extraordinary contribution to ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, especially Christian-Jewish relations. 

"Building on the work of his predecessor Father Kevin Lynch, there is no publisher in North America who has done more to advance Catholic-Jewish relations than Larry Boadt," said Father Michael B. McGarry, president of the Paulist Fathers. 

Father Boadt authored several books, including "Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction," "Jeremiah 26-52," "Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Nahum," and "Jeremiah 1-25." He also edited many titles, such as "Why I Am A Priest: 30 Success Stories" and "The Life of St. Paul." 

"His legacy will be his writings," said Father Lynch, noting "Reading the Old Testament" is one of the most widely used texts in Scripture courses. "This is a big loss for the Paulists."

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