Monday, 24 May 2010

herman gunkel's birthday

Sunday, 23 May 2010

1st d-day 27th may 2010

27th may is 1st D-day for the reb! that's the day to submit by email the edited thesis to the pre-viva submissions committee in UK for the pre-viva on 22nd june 2010 at 11am-1pm (UK time).

2 of the ocms lecturers will play the roles of an external and internal examiner and put the thesis presenter (yours truly) on the grill! my thesis supervisor, professor hugh williamson, will be present to observe. but that only increases the pressure! my director of studies, dr philip johnston, is unable to attend as he has moved to teach in cambridge.

so the last few days have been hectic, nothing but thesis chapters floating in the mind. get a hold together, jia yew. the real d-day is still months away.